The Women's Revolution in Rojava

The Women's Revolution in Rojava is unprecedented. It is feminist, pluralist, and ecological. It is for everyone and it liberates everyone by liberating women at the beginning— not as an afterthought. Because of this, it is complete liberation, a total revolution of every relationship and every structure, which ensures that all people have a voice and equal power. The women of Rojava, also known as the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, fight for democracy and self-rule in every aspect of life, and have lead the fight that liberated northern Syria from DAESH (ISIS). Their fight goes beyond land, though— it is for hearts and minds everywhere.

Women Rise as Raqqa Rebuilds Without the World’s Help

“We had arrived that morning to attend the opening of the Raqqa Women’s Council. It is a council for and by women on streets where ISIS once bought and sold them, in a city held until last November by violent extremists who made the sexual enslavement of women central to their hall of horrors.”

‘End tragedies against women and society’: how Rojava’s women’s movement responds to violence

Kongra Star, or the Star Congress, is the civilian women’s movement in Rojava. It fights patriarchal violence through legal and institutional change.

Jineolojî, Jineolojî Committee Europe

This booklet is a summary of the book titled “Introduction to Jineolojî”.

Liberating Life: Woman’s Revolution, Abdullah Öcalan

The 5000-year-old history of civilization is essentially the history of the enslavement of woman.

Jineology: from women’s struggles to social liberation

Emerging from the Kurdish movement, jineology places women at the center of the struggle against patriarchy, capitalism and the state.

Building Democracy without the State

The Rojava revolution provides a historic opportunity to put the communalist model of Democratic Confederalism into practice.

The Rojava Revolution: Women’s Liberation as an Answer to the Kurdish Question

The all-female Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) manifest Democratic Confederalism in practice, not only in the battlefield, but in everyday life as well.

The Kurdish woman building a feminist democracy and fighting Isis at the same time

The leader of the most revolutionary women’s rights movement in the world talks about how her ideals have found a home in the middle of the war on ISIS.

Democratic Confederalism, Abdullah Öcalan

The stateless democracy in Rojava is the living result of the ideas of Democratic Confederalism, of women, life, and freedom.

Arab Women in Syria, Inspired by Kurdish Sisters, Join the Fight — and the Movement

“There is no difference between us and them, we are both women. What is really important now is women are having a role.”

Jineolojî, Jineolojî Committee Europe

This booklet is a summary of the book titled “Introduction to Jineolojî”.